Ladies' Association of Kuopio

We actively promote design and culture

Ladies' Association of Kuopio (Kuopion Rouvasväenyhdistys) is a significant cultural organization in Kuopio that was founded in 1860. Waking up to take social action, inspired by nationalism, was behind the creation of the organization.

The most impressive achievement of Ladies' Association of Kuopio has been the creation of a craft school. The association's craft school has been the foundation for the Kuopio Academy of Design, which was a unit for teaching culture in the Savonia Polytechnic until the end of 2014.

The Board of Directors

Chairman of the board:
Head of department Elina Pallonen-Eriksson

Vice Chairman:
Tax Director Tuula Kemppainen

Other members:

Museum Director Merja Heiskanen
Master of Economic Sciences Marja Kettunen
Director Heli Norja
Planning Director Paula Qvick
Master of Crafts Marita Porrassalmi

Secretary of the Board:

Executive Director Eija Tanninen-Komulainen

The operation and history of Ladies' Association of Kuopio

Ladies' Association of Kuopio is an ideological association that aims to promote and support handicraft, arts and crafts, design, culture, art and creative industries, and well-being.

The craft school, founded by Ladies' Association of Kuopio, began its educational task in 1884. The association was the administrator of the school until August 2002, when the Kuopio Academy of Design, as required by the Ministry of Education, moved under the supervision of the current Savonia Polytechnic.

Kuopion Rouvasväen yhdistys


Realization of the idea

Ladies' Association of Kuopio had a significant role in the activities of the Kuopio Academy of Design, in addition to the joint municipal authority. According to the agreement between the association and the joint municipal authority,Ladies' Association of Kuopio created the operating framework for the Kuopio Academy of Design, i.e. the association produced a teaching support service for the academy. The association was responsible for producing educational and financial administration services, maintaining the Taitemia library and student and lunch cafe Kafetemia, and it owned and maintained properties where the Kuopio Academy of Design operated. In addition, the association was responsible for the Kuopio Academy of Design’s paid service activities included in the education and project work through the Design Forum. In November 2004, the association received the Kuopio medal for recognition of its significant social activities in favor of the City of Kuopio.

At the end of 2010, the municipal council terminated the cooperation agreement signed in August 2002, and the termination period ended on 31 December 2014. The reason for the termination of the agreement has been the need for the joint municipal authority to concentrate the teaching of the Savonia Polytechnic on the same common campus, the changes in the polytechnic legislation, the harmonization of service functions and the requirements for structural development, such as changing the maintenance system of Savonia Polytechnic and a strong contraction of the number of design students.

The new activities of Ladies' Association of Kuopio are the International Resident Designers and the Craft school (current Design Academies), which began in spring 2014.



Organization of the association

The decision-making power is exercised by the annual meeting of the association, which is held in accordance with the rules before the end of March and deals with the statutory and possible extra matters that the board of directors proposes to it. The association has about 120 members. Proposals for new members will be discussed by the Board at its meeting.

The executive power is used by the board selected by the annual meeting, and it includes a chairman and nine members. Members are elected for three years at a time, and thus, there are three members each year not included. The annual meeting selects the chairman of the board, and the board selects a vice chairman, a secretary and a treasurer from its ranks. The supervisory authority is exercised by the annual and deputy auditors elected by the annual meeting.

Producing a teaching support service for the joint municipal authority was done by the about twenty staff members working for the association.


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