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Meeting and party venue rental at Piispantalo, Kuopio

Kuopion Rouvasväenyhdistys leases premises for festive, lecture, teaching and private use. There are two halls available for rental: Kristallisali and Kirjastosali.

More information and reservations

Ms Anne Tikkanen

044 731 8005




The spectacular Kristallisali is modifiable for different kinds of lectures and events. There are also group work desks or a festive table setting available. The size of Kristallisali is 89 m².

A data projector and computer are available. The lighting is easily adjustable.

  • Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00 70 €/h
  • Mon–Fri after 16:00 and on weekends (Sat–Sun) 99 € 
  • Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00 500 € per day
  • Sat–Sun 450 € 1/2 day (6 hours)
  • Sat–Sun 750 € per day (12 hours)
  • tablecloths starting from 5 €/piece
  • cleaning from 54 €/h

Prices doesn't include VAT and it is not added to them, excluding cleaning.


The bookshelves covering the walls of Kirjastosali create a unique atmosphere. Kirjastosali is modifiable for various different kinds of lectures and events. The hall is particularly well suited for working in small groups. The size of Kirjastosali is 68,5 m².

It is possible to bring a data projector and computer into the hall. With lighting and sound, you can transform an intimate working space into, for example, a ballroom!

  • 70 € per hour
  • Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00 450 € per day
  • Sat–Sun 300 € 1/2 day (6 hours)
  • Sat–Sun 550 € per day (12 hours)
  • tablecloths starting from 5 €/piece
  • cleaning from 54 €/h

Prices doesn't include VAT and it is not added to them, excluding cleaning.


The arrangements for the premises are managed by the renter and must be returned in the same condition as when rented. If anything is damaged or broken, it should be reported at the latest upon return. The renter is liable for any damages caused.

The rental of the premises is confirmed with a separate booking confirmation. Prices do not include VAT, and VAT is not added to them.

When renting the premises, the renter must book event cleaning services for weekend (Fri-Sun) events directly from our partner PetuNina Oy.

Catering, including drinks, can be ordered from any catering service of choice or handled by the renter themselves. The renter has access to a kitchenette with two refrigerators, a small stove, an oven, and a microwave.

Tableware is not included in the rental; it can be brought by the renter or rented from the catering service.

Cleaning service

When renting a venue the renter must book a cleaning service for the weekend (Fri – Sun) directly from our partner Pirteä Pina Oy. Cleaning includes cleaning of the entire party room, arrangement and possible counters after the weekend (Fri – Sun) events.

from 54 € / h (incl. VAT)

Info and bookings:

PetuNina Oy

Petra Kapanen, 044 787 1125, 



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