Academy of Design

Full of laughter and the joy of doing!

Our Design Academies are available for all and offer high-quality and goal-oriented design education for children, young people, and adults. January 2021 we launched eDesign Academy which you participate remotely.

Design education and pedagogy

Design history, design, new techniques and materials are studied in the Design Academies. An integral part of the studies are exhibition visits, company visits and lessons from the designers visiting the international designer residence. We make the most of new opportunities for digital teaching and design in the studies.


The teaching of design is goal-oriented and in accordance with the broad curriculum of basic arts education. The curriculum follows the history of Finnish design. At the end of each term, an exhibition is organized and a certificate is given for the studies of the term.

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Professional design education

In addition to learning new knowledge and skills, learning design brings joy, new experiences, feelings of success and well-being. The student's personal expression and growth is valued and respected in teaching. Our teachers are professionals in design.

"The Design Academy is fun!"
Anna, 10

Design Union
Professional services in design and design education

Design Union is in charge of producing professional design services. We design, produce and implement design training, courses and study modules for municipalities, organizations, companies and communities, in accordance with basic arts education. We also coach teachers’ pedagogical capabilities.

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