Teen's Design Academy

Creativity for the good ones!

The group of the Teen’s Design Academy will meet on Thursdays from 4.30–7 PM at Piispankatu 8. Theme for the spring 2023 is “Back to the Future”. During the spring, we get to know the design, materials and techniques of the future!

Program (in Finnish)

The Teen’s Design Academy is suited for all 13 to 16-year-olds interested in creativity and self-expression. The term includes a variety of learning new technologies, new materials, design and the history of Finnish design.

In addition to traditional tools, digital design tools and programs are used in the studies. In the teen group, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and teamwork and skills of expression are learnt. We encourage experimentation, taking initiative, exchanging views and sharing ideas.

The Academy of Design conducts an extensive curriculum of basic art studies with an emphasis on design. A certificate is obtained for the completed studies, which is useful, for example, when applying for art-oriented studies.

Back to the Future

Product development and innovation - the design of the future is here! During the semester, we envision the world of the future from our own perspective. We design objects and services that are needed in everyday life, but which do not yet exist. We learn that design work starts from a need and an idea, and we practice visualizing our own idea.

  • Sketching
  • Development and innovation
  • Prototype
  • Service design
  • Presenting an idea

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The course fee for the spring semester is 130 €/per student. The course fee includes tuition, materials used during the course.

The spring semester consists of 17 lessons, 42,5 hours in total (2,5 h/lesson).

The Teens’s Design Academy has the opportunity to apply for free student places with a free-form application.

The course is taught by

A-P Inkinen, designer 

044 731 8007


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"In Teen's Design Academy you learn to do things different way than usually.”
Karola, 14.


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