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The Adults´ Design Academy group meets on Wednesdays from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Piispankatu 8.

The theme for autumn 2024 is "The Peasants of Design." During the semester, we get to know Finnish peasant culture and learn traditional craft techniques and apply them in the design and implementation of new objects.

Program (in Finnish)

The Adults’ Design Academy is suited for adults of all ages. No previous knowledge of design or arts and crafts is needed. The curriculum follows Finnish design history; different themes and study modules are explored both in theory and with new techniques. The studies in the Adults’ Design Academy are goal-oriented but easy-going, not forgetting coffee breaks.

The adult group is a mix of serious study, joy and easy-going humour. Come along!

The Academy of Design conducts an extensive curriculum of basic art studies with an emphasis on design. A certificate is obtained for the completed studies, which is useful, for example, when applying for art-oriented studies.

The Peasants of Design

During the autumn semester you can explore Finnish peasant culture and its handmade items by  approaching design from the function´s perspective. In the Academy of Design you can learn what does practical and simple design mean and how it appeared in Finnish peasant culture. During the autumn, we will design and make functional objects and learn how Finnishness is related to designed objects.

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Material orientation
  • Design process

Sign up

The course fee for the spring semester is €170.. Smartum and ePassi are also accepted as payment methods.

The material fee covers the materials used in the exercises provided by Muotoiluakatemia, as well as a visit to Old Kuopio Museum August 21th 2024. (admission fee €8 self-funded). The autumn semester consists of 16 teaching sessions, with each session lasting 3 hours. One teaching session includes four 45-minute lessons. Total of 64 lessons in the semester.

The course is taught by

Sanja Kainu, designer (BA).

Contact information: 044 731 8010, sanja.kainu(at)

Check out the autumn schedule and sign up through our website! (In Finnish)


”JOY, SURPRISE, THRILL! The first academic year has been overwhelmingly full of the joy of having fun in easy-going company under the guidance of excellent teachers.”

Helena Grönqvist, 53


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