Design Academy

For senior daydreamers!

The Senior Design Academy is for all ages and anyone who has free time during the day and enthusiasm for goal-oriented design and craft study in an enjoyable group. The theme for the spring is “From industrialization to the future”. During the spring term, we will explore what design used to be, what it is now and will be in the future.

The group meets on Fridays 1.2, 15.2, 15.3, 26.4. and 16.5. at 10–13 at Piispankatu 8. The starting seminar for all groups was on the 17th of January.

The lessons include lectures, exhibitions and company visits as well as personal design.

From industrialization to the future

Product development and innovations – the product development of the future is at hand! During the year, the visions of the future will be explored through design. Visits and lectures open up the background to current and future design themes.


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The course fee for the spring is 100 €.
You can also pay with Smartum and ePassi.
The fee includes tuition, course materials and visits.

The course is taught by

Anna Räisänen
Crafts teacher, Designer
tel. +358 44 731 8003
anna.raisanen (at)

“'What a rewarding morning!’ is what the students of the Senior Design Academy noted several times when we participated in the activities of the senior group during the spring. We got to know the history, architecture, church textiles and church art of the churches of our own hometown. The Orthodox Church Museum Riisa was so interesting that we visited it twice. We’re really looking forward to the autumn and new adventures with a new theme.”
Eija Karhiola