Kuopio Academy of Design
curriculum autumn 2022


New winds of colors and shapes are blowing in the Autumn semester! During the semester you can practice transferring wild ideas into a usable product and discuss the era of postmodernism from the perspective of product development and materials.

  • Brainstorming
  • Sketching
  • Color theory
  • Product development

3.25 course credits of basic studies are completed in the autumn term. You have the possibility to carry out 1-3 course credits as elective studies in addition. 

Handicraft as part of visual culture 0.5 cr

Craft design and manufacturing process 2.75

  • Material knowledge 0,5 cr
  • Craftsmanship and competence 1 cr
  • Expression and creative problem solving 1 cr
  • Documentation 0.25 cr

Autumn term 2022

Children’s Design Academy (7–9)

on Mondays at 17–19.30.

Childrens´ Design Academy (10–12)

on Tuesdays at 17-19.30.

Teens’ Design Academy (13–16)

on Thursdays at 16:30–19.

Adults’ Design Academy

on Wednesdays at 17–20.

eDesign Academy

on Tuesdays at 10–12.30 (daygroup) and 17–19.30 (evening group)


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