Kuopio Academy of Design
curriculum 2019

The period of industrialization

The new materials and techniques of the period of industrialization. During the course we will make a cross-section of Finnish design. We will get to know the work of a designer and learn what makes a product into a classic. During the year, mass production will be discussed and professionals from different fields of design will be presented. We will practise the basics of product design and make mold castings. During the year, children will be taught the skills for building a sustainable future. Together we will discuss the lifecycle and lifetime of objects.

  • Classics of Finnish design

  • The work of a designer

  • Disposable or durable

  • Methods of mass production


During a term, 3.25 credits of the basic studies will be completed. In addition, it is possible to complete optional studies (1–3 credits).

Crafts as part of visual culture 0.5 credits.
The design and production process of crafts 2.75 credits.

  • The basics of design 0.5
  • Material knowledge 0.5
  • Craftsmanship and skills 0.5
  • Expression and creative problem solving 1
  • Working on a portfolio 0.25


Autumn term 2019

Children’s Design Academy (7–12)
on Mondays at 16:30–19.

Teens’ Design Academy (13–16)
on Thursdays at 16:30–19.

Adults’ Design Academy
on Wednesdays at 17–20.

Senior Design Academy, once a month
On Fridays 20.9., 25.10. and 22.11. at 10–13.

3.12.2019 the Design Academies’ closing ceremony
The closing ceremony for all groups at the Kuopio City Library at 17:00.