Kuopio Academy of Design
curriculum Autumn 2024

The Peasants of Design

During the autumn semester you can explore Finnish peasant culture and its handmade items by  approaching design from the function´s perspective. In the Academy of Design you can learn what does practical and simple design mean and how it appeared in Finnish peasant culture. During the autumn, we will design and make functional objects and learn how Finnishness is related to designed objects.

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Material orientation
  • Design process

During a term 3.25 credits of the basic studies will be completed. In addition, it is possible to complete optional studies (1–3 credits).

  • Crafts as part of visual culture 0.5 credits.
  • The design and production process of crafts 2.75 credits.
  • The basics of design 1.0
  • Material knowledge 0.5
  • Craftsmanship and skills 0.5
  • Expression and creative problem solving 0.5
  • Documentation 0.25



Autumn semester 2024

Children’s Design Academy (7–9)

on Mondays at 17–19.30.

Childrens´ Design Academy (10–12)

on Tuesdays at 17-19.30.

Teens’ Design Academy (13–16)

on Thursdays at 17–19.30.

Adults’ Design Academy

on Wednesdays at 17–20.

eDesign Academy

on Mondays 17–19.30 (evening group)

on Tuesdays at 10–12.30 (daygroup)


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