Design Academy

An inspiring hobby for curious souls!

Groups of the Children's Design Academy will meet from 21 January to 16 May 2019. The starting seminar for all groups was on the 3rd of December. The theme for autumn 2019 is "Stone age."

The group for 7 to 12-year-olds meets on Mondays at 16:30–19 at Piispankatu 8.

Real design is learnt at the Children’s Design Academy. In addition to learning technical handicrafts and new materials, creative problem solving, teamwork and skills of expression will be learnt, and experimentation, taking initiative and sharing ideas is encouraged.

From industrialization to the future

During the spring, the Children's Design Academy will look into the future of design and stop to think about the environment at this moment.

In January we began with a seminar for all groups where the themes of the term were addressed.

During the spring, we will get to know 3D design through product design and collaborate to develop an urban environment. We will visit companies, and design ice, light, gypsum and recycled materials. We will learn about sustainable development and service design, and envision what history will look like in the future.

  • the future
  • the environment and sustainable development
  • 3D design
  • collaboration

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The course fee for the spring term is 110 € per child.
The fee includes tuition and the materials used during the course.
The spring term consists of 14 lessons, 35 hours in total (2,5 hours/lesson).

The course is taught by 

Teacher in charge
Kirsi Miettinen

”The Design Academy has been really nice and completely different from a normal school. More fun stuff is done here. It’s fun to do all kinds of woodwork and such.”

Niilo, 8